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When we first decided to retail simulator screen enclosures quite frankly we were so disappointed with the quality of the existing enclosures on the market, we simply decided to design and manufacture our own.

It’s a recurring theme that runs through our business and one that has proven very successful for two important reasons:

  1. Being the manufacturer as well as the retailer we can control the quality, safety and functionality of our products. We allocate funds for extensive research and design, source the best quality materials for construction, ensure the workmanship is of the highest standard and make design adjustments and improvements based on your end user experiences.
  2. We cut out the middle man, so the profit that a distributer would make is not added into our prices. Meaning you get factory direct prices.

Nowhere in our business has this philosophy been more effective than with our simulator enclosures, which are an important centrepiece for any home simulator set-up.

So what makes 24-7 Golf enclosure so good and such good value for money?

Let’s start with our frame design.

All our frames are made of powder coated high quality light-weight steel, with steel pin lock connectors. We utilize an off-mount screen design, eliminating direct ball contact with 95% of the frame’s hard surfaces. This significantly reduces the chance of rebounding balls.

Added to this our golf simulator enclosures are a unique single-piece design, meaning there are no spaces for errant shots to burst thru, protecting both users and surrounding walls.

We have also included a built-in foot long safety buffer zone behind the screen. So even if space requirements mean you have to put your enclosure flush up against a wall, as the screen expands on impact, the ball will not contact the wall behind it even when hit at high velocities—that’s peace of mind.

Furthermore on the safety front, in our latest design we have now included protective border pads for the left, right and top of the inside of the enclosure, providing enhanced protection.

Our canopy design, with matching side panels, apart from the safety these provide, also means the screen is set back within the enclosure and somewhat protected from ambient light.

Additionally, having a sturdy steel pole as the top front bar of our enclosure means a projector mount can be easily fitted to it and while your projector is well out of the way of swinging club or ball impacts, there are no off-putting golfer shadows appearing on your screen as we find with projectors that have to be mounted further back.

Now onto the all-important screen itself.

When we started sourcing and testing screen material it was reasonably easy to find material that was hardwearing. It was difficult to find a material that projected an image well. It wasn’t too hard to find a material that had sound dampening qualities and it wasn’t impossible to find a material and create a design with a low rebound rate. But to include all these vital qualities in one material and design was one of the greatest challenges that we’ve faced.

In the initial testing phases, we quickly understood that we had to have our testing pros wearing protective head gear and safety glasses as balls would sometimes come back like a rocket! To be brutally honest now when we look at some of the lower quality enclosures currently available on the market, we would suggest you wear these safety items when using them to avoid injury!

But after many hours testing and a lot of R&D, we’re happy to say our enclosures now feature the highest quality, dual layer 1/8th inch, 650gsm Air-mesh, combined with high density 350gsm woven polyester and we believe they are one of the safest screens available worldwide.

They exhibit the four most important qualities:

  • Great Projection
  • Hardwearing and Durable
  • Quiet Impact
  • Low rebound rate

Of course, there are a number of ways you can prolong the life of your screen. Always use clean, new golf balls. Dirt and grime adhering to balls, can be transferred to your screen and dirty it. Sand and dirt between the ball and screen at the moment of impact also wear the screen prematurely because as the balls spin against the screen the sand and dirt acts as an abrasive. For exactly the same reason avoid using any burred golf balls.

In the event your screen does finally wear out we’ve also included Velcro border tabs for easy screen replacement.

Our enclosures come in four different sizes. For specific details please refer to the main product descriptions on our website.

The enclosures can be assembled by one person in 30 minutes with our simple, easy to follow assembly instructions, which come complete with graphics and a video demonstration.

All our enclosure come with a 12-month warranty.

The final point we’d make about our enclosures is that they look great and will add to the overall look of your simulator area.


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