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GCHawk Launch Monitor

Foresight Sports’ GCHawk is an overhead-mounted golf launch monitor that delivers a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to your game. Harnessing the same object-sensing and image-capturing technology found in the GCQuad, the GCHawk fits seamlessly into a commercial or residential environment. 

The GCHawk combines the image capturing technology of the GCQuad with a new level of freedom and flexibility.

Mounted above your setup, the GCHawk delivers the same accuracy  and shot-after-shot reliability expected from Foresight Sports. The key to its unmatched performance lies in the state-of-the art object recognition and imaging technology.

What's Included With Purchase

- GCHawk Launch Monitor
- Ceiling mount
- Sliding plates & hardware
- Power adapter
- Ethernet cable
- Calibration wand
- Power remote
- FSX Play Software
- FSX 2020 Software
- 10 courses
- FSX Pro Performance software
- Foresight Sports Performance App
- Foresight Fairgrounds 
- 2-year warranty

    Foresight Sports GCHawk Features

      True-to-Life Simulation 

      The world's most advanced launch monitor is ideal for the world's best virtual golf experience. Power your simulator with the same launch monitor technology used on tour. The Most true-to-life golf simulation experience for any-time, any-weather golf. 

      Freedom and Flexibility

      With its huge hitting zone, the GCHawk allows right-handed and left-handed players to hit shots with total freedom. The GCHawk captures shots from every club in the bag – from the driver to the putter – for a complete, true-to-life game experience. 

      GCHawk Specifications

      Technology: Quadrascopic high-speed camera system
      Ball Data Collected: Ball speed | Launch angle | Side angle | Total spin / backspin | Spin axis / Side spin
      Club Data Collected: Club head speed | Efficiency | Angle of attack | Club path | Face angle | Loft & lie at impact | Impact location | Closure rate
      Dimensions: 226.3cm (L) x 19.3cm (H) x 15.5cm (W)
      Weight: 16.3kg / 36lbs
      Power: External input 220/110, output 48VDC, 300W
      Data Interface: USB / WiFi / Bluetooth / Ethernet

      Room Size and Setup 

      The GCHawk is mounted above your setup in front of your golf mat. It is recommended to have at least a 2,9 m ceiling and a room that is 5-6 m deep. There should be a 1,20m gap between the GCHawk and your choice of hitting mat. 

       FSX 2020 Simulation Software

      Experience the most realistic golf simulation ever with FSX 2020. Play the best and most exclusive courses, practice your skills on the range, or even compete in skill-building competitions with players around the world - all in beautiful 4K resolution. 

      Included with the GCQuad are 10 courses, Skills Challenges, Driving Range, Club fitting software and access to Foresight Sports' Online Network.

      Courses Included:

      • Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club
      • Broken Tree Golf Course
      • Linfield National Golf Club
      • Teton Pines Golf Course
      • Willow Crest Golf Club
      • The Farms Golf Club
      • Beaver Hills Country Club
      • Tall Pines Golf Club
      • Butterfield Country Club (Red/Blue)
      • Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club

      fsx 2020 golf simulation software


      FSX Play Software 


      An all-new way to play
      Experience the game like never before – with hyper-realistic gameplay powered by an all-new Unity Graphics Engine. Rich textures, 3D grass and foliage, enhanced lighting, updated UI and more provide for our best simulation experience yet.

      Better than real
      Beyond a true-to-life game experience, the FSX Play ultra-modern interface displays game-critical information in an intuitive, minimalistic format that enhances every aspect of gameplay without distraction.


      FSX Pro Golf Coaching and Fitting Software 

      FSX Pro is the ultimate performance insight tool for the game’s best players, coaches, and club fitters.

      The FSX Pro software is an addition to FSX 2020 and has been designed to provide users with total analysis in as much depth as they desire.

      The completely customisable tagging features mean that coaches, fitters and players can now easily dial in on the finest details of club set-up, swing changes and game improvement. Detailed reports can be generated to summarise everything into a concise, email-friendly format.

      With its simple, intuitive design, FSX Pro lets users create and edit new players and sessions faster and easier than ever before. That means more time doing what they do best.

      FSX Pro is available now as a completely free download for everyone with an existing FSX 2020 software licence.  Each user will receive 2 FSX Pro licences for every FSX 2020 licence they own. These can be split across PC and iPad or twice on the same type of device as required.


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