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Projector Mount Kit

Projector Mount Kit

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Universal wall/ceiling mount kit for video projector

- Distance to ceiling is from 12 to 40 cm

- Holds up to 15 kg

Easy to assemble and install. It can be used with the vast majority of projectors up to a maximum weight of 15 kg.

Ideal for use at home or office.

The projector is secured using four fully adjustable arms which can be moved to align with the projectors mounting points (also suitable for projectors with three mounting points).

Ceiling Mounting Option:

The ceiling mount option of the Projector Support is ideal if you do not have enough space, especially if you also have the wall occupied with other furniture. 

Wall Mounting Option:

The wall mount option of the projector will help you use the space more efficiently, allowing you to position your projector in a more convenient and less cumbersome way. Can also be used with short throw projectors. 

Total flexibility:

Flexible spider head can be adjusted in any position.

It can be tilted 30 degrees in all four directions, for precise adjustments of your projector, so you can position it in the desired way for a perfect picture quality.

- Steel made heavy duty construction.
- Easy to assemble and install
- Spider hook allows easily to put the projector on and off the mount
- Perfect to use at home or in the office
- Holds up to 15 kg.

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